There are certain things in life that come without thinking. Love is one of them. 

I often talk about love like I have so much experience in the field, but to be completely honest I don't think I'll ever fully comprehend it. But if there is one thing I know, it's to let love happen naturally. There's no need to think about the past, just live in the now. Whatever makes you happy right this instant, embrace it and enjoy it. You'll never know what the future holds, so be happy and spread love.

I had the opportunity to work with LVRSHTRS during my trip to Korea, and I absolutely fell in love with the brand and their story. LVRSHTRS stands for "lovers haters," as there's so many of those in the world. However, their logo only spells out "LVRS" in hopes to represent and spread more love. 



NA-KD dress | NA-KD heels

Alas, September is finally here and summer is coming to an end. I've finished my travels to Seoul, South Korea and am preparing new posts on all of my channels! This photo set was taken right before I left for my trip, and I'm still so in love with this look.

It's hard to count how many I actually own, but black dresses are one of my closet must-haves ... aka you can never get enough of them. Bodycon, midi, maxis, all of them. This particular dress is one of my favorite summer to fall transition pieces. Essentially it's just hi-lo cover up. It's best to wear pieces like this with either a slip dress or shorts. You can wear it as is, just like how I styled it in this photo set, or you could throw on a sweater over to create a tail layer in the back! 

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